Family remembers loved one who was hit and killed outside her home

A grieving family is remembering a woman they say was hit and killed by a car while outside her home. The incident happened on Old National Highway in South Fulton.

It was a heart-tugging cry from daughter Diamond Jefferson as she realized her mom is gone.

"I love my mother. Please pray for my family," Jefferson said. "All we heard was this big explosion and I looked out and I saw debris everywhere."

It was a tragic start to the Sunday morning after family and friends say a car hit and killed wife and mother Stephanie Jefferson around eleven on Old National Highway near Creel Road.

"A car hit my mom while she was checking the mail," Jefferson said. "It hit her so hard that she wound up flying there in the corner of the bushes."

Police said the driver remained on-scene and the collision is under investigation.

"A lot of times they get accidents here on this road. It shouldn’t take this for acknowledgment but this is too much," Sister to the Victim Mina Jackson said. "There’s something they can do. A sidewalk or something to make a barrier between their houses."

"She didn’t deserve this. She was the sweetest person," Jefferson said.

As markings leave a grim reminder of the life that was lost, those who live here want change.

"There are people who live on these streets. Stop flying and racing through the streets," Jefferson said.

"She doesn’t need to be just another statistic she needs to be understood. We just lost a light and we can’t get it back. They have to fix it. They have to. Someone has to," Jackson said.

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