Family of 25-year-old DeKalb County woman grapples with their loss

Amanda Thompkins’ family is desperate for answers days after the 25-year-old was shot and killed in a DeKalb County subdivision. 

Thompkins’ cousin Lendarius Farley told FOX 5's Deidra Dukes, "Amanda, she was a really outgoing person. She knew a lot of people. She was about having fun and enjoying life." 

Thompkins’ life came to a tragic end the night of April 10. 

The victim's friend, Delana Young, is behind bars in the DeKalb County Jail charged with murder. 

Delana Young

Delana Young

Young reportedly shot Thompkins at a residence on Waldrop Trail. The victim made it to her truck but crashed while trying to drive to the hospital. 

Thompkins’ father, Demond Thompkins, said his daughter told emergency responders who shot her before losing consciousness. 

"From what the officer is saying, she was shot in the driveway, and she got in her truck and tried to leave, and that's when she crashed the truck, and she was able to tell the EMTs and officers who did it," he explained. "So, they got the person who actually committed the murder." 

Thompkins was transported to an area hospital where she was pronounced dead. 

While police have made an arrest in the case, the circumstances surrounding the shooting remain a mystery. 

Thompkins’ cousin said two families are suffering as the suspect faces years behind bars. His message to the accused killer, "I would just say to the person, hope and pray that you would just pray and ask God for forgiveness." 

As police work to piece together what sparked the deadly violence, the Thompkins family prepares for the difficult days ahead. 

"We are going to come together and love on each other as much as we can during this difficult time," Farley said, "and just remember the good times we had with Amanda."