Family home, cars hit by paint balls

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Paint splattered on cars, windows and a house.  A family in Mableton was attacked early Monday morning by people driving around shooting paintball guns. 

Yolanda Melson says she was in her car, in the driveway of her father's home, when she heard something hit her car. "I heard a lot of pow pow pow pow, like rocks falling on my car, pow pow pow pow and I was ducking down," said Melson.

She looked out her window and saw a white car speed down the road.  That's when she realized it wasn't rocks, it was paintball pellets.  "It made me nervous, it could have busted through my glass, I could have been hit," said Melson.

Melson's husband said he was well aware of the paintball wars earlier this year all over Atlanta, started by a couple of Atlanta-based rappers.  He's hoping they haven't brought their games to Mableton.  "I thought they had stopped in Atlanta since police cracked down on them but evidently they still got some strays doing this," said James Melson. 

Mrs. Melson says her parents live in the home and says there's no reason anyone would target them. Now the Melsons just want to make sure others in Mableton know about what happened so they'll be extra cautious. "Everybody ain't going to play the same, just stay in Atlanta, just not around my family," said James Melson.