Family heirloom stolen during Marietta burglary

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Olivia Dean and her grandmother were the best of friends.

"We had an irreplaceable bond," Olivia Dean told FOX 5. "That's why it hurt so much when she died."

Two years ago, Dean's grandmother passed away suddenly.

"It was quick," said Dean. "She got pneumonia."

Before Dean's grandmother died, she left instructions in her will. Her ring was to go to Dean.

"It said in the will that her wedding ring was supposed to go to me," Dean said. "It was the only thing in her will that she specifically designated for anyone, so that meant a lot to me."

Dean said her grandmother's wedding ring is more than just a ring. It represents a lifetime of love and more than 50 years of marriage.

Last week, Dean watched on surveillance cameras as thieves broke into her Marietta home for the second time in a month.

"The first time they took a bunch of electronics," Dean said. "So as I was watching them go through my house a second time, all I could think about was my grandmother's ring. I thought there was no way they would find it."

But they did, in fact, Dean said the wedding ring was the only thing the thieves took.

"I may never get it back again and that's heartbreaking," Dean said. "I can replace TV's and computers, but that is something you just can't replace.

Dean released the surveillance video of the two masked men in her home. She is hoping someone will be able to identify them. In the meantime, Dean has a message for the thieves....

"If you have any kind of heart at all, return the ring," Dean said. "It can't be replaced."