Family claims daughter being held by R. Kelly hires legal team

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The family of Jocelyn Savage claims their 22-year-old daughter being held against her will by singer R. Kelly. Tuesday, the family held a press conference with their newly hired legal counsel to help them reconnect with their daughter.

The family hired attorneys, Gerald A. Griggs and Leif Howard, to represent them after several failed attempts to make what the family said is “direct contact with their daughter.” 

"The relationship between a parent and child is the most fundamental connection in our society and the Savage family desperately want to hear directly from their daughter without interference," states Attorney Gerald A. Griggs in a news release. "We await direct, in-person contact with Ms. Savage to ensure her safety, health, and well-being."

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During a news conference in Tucker Tuesday afternoon, Jonjelyn and Timothy Savage said they are so desperate to talk with their daughter that they have resorted to television cameras to do so.

They shared family photos of happier times, but now believe their oldest daughter is living with R. Kelly and has basically cut off all contact with her family.

“I need to see you in person to know that you are safe and sound, without mental manipulation,” said Ms. Savage.

“I would love to see my daughter and actually talk to her and find out what is going on,” Mr. Savage added.

The Savages said they haven't seen their daughter since they dropped her off at Georgia Gwinnett College in June of 2016.  Now, there are no phone calls or texts. More recently, they said the only way they communicate with Jocelyn is when she makes videos. 

The Savages said Jocelyn's mannerism and demeanor in several TMZ videos, where she is lashing out at them to stop trying to contact her, appears to be out of character. Jocelyn also accuses her dad of knowing the deal she has with R. Kelly.

"As you can see in the video it seems that she is less than cooperative in answering certain other questions.  Mr. Savage maintains that he has never met Mr. Kelly," said attorney Griggs.

Jonjelyn revealed she flew to California to meet with R. Kelly back in 2015 to talk about her music career.   

"Savage did fly out, met with Mr. Kelly for about three hours, discussed business and then it was determined Jocelyn and Mr. Kelly got in contact with each other and that's how this proceeded."

The family’s concerns have garnered national attention.