Family cat shot by pellet gun, recovering

A Marietta family is heartbroken after they say they found their cat in really bad shape on Thursday.

"I ran out to run a quick errand and when I got back that's when I found Gary was bleeding extensively," Melissa Billingsley said. "We thought it was maybe a dog attack or a hawk."

But the next day, Billingsley said Gary wasn't eating or moving.

"We took him to several vets and that's when they told us that there was a pellet lodged inside his body," Billingsley said.

Billingsley said the next few days are critical for Gary's survival.

"The pellet had to have been shot at a close range," Billingsley said. "It's lodged right next to his heart."

The family said they are concerned about what may happen next.

"I want to find the person who did it because accident or not they still need to be held responsible," Billingsley said. "This is a neighborhood. There are tons of children. Even if you were trying to shoot a squirrel you shouldn't be doing it here because this time it's my cat, next time it's someone else's pet and then who knows who will be the victim next."