Falcons arrive at Flowery Branch

FLOWERY BRANCH – Thursday may have made Falcons players feel like kids heading back to school. Yes, they are glad to see their teammates and coaches and sure, they enjoy playing football; but there’s also the knowledge their fleeting summers away from meetings and practices are over 

“Camp is… It’s tough,” said Falcons offensive lineman Jon Asamoah. “It's that time of the year, the last few days you have that feeling in the pit of your stomach."

Falcons players checked in to team housing in Flowery Branch on Thursday. The first practice of training camp is Friday morning at 10am. Many players used the month or so between minicamp and training camp to get away, but like students returning from vacation, it never seems long enough.

“Especially with me with kids and a wife, you try and spend as much time as you can with them,” said Atlanta wide receiver Devin Hester. “It tends to go by fast."

Like school, training camp is mandatory; but it’s also a crucial time to grow together as a team, beyond just learning players on the field.

“This struggle will keep us tight,” said Asamoah. “That's what develops the family, the fight for each other, all those things."

Atlanta’s first preseason game is August 14th when they host Tennessee. The regular season starts September 14th at the Georgia Dome against the Eagles.

“I'm just excited to get back here with all the guys and put this thing together,” said wide receiver Julio Jones.

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