Fake Phone Leads Cops to Suspect

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Atlanta Police say a suspect is behind bars after robbing an AT&T store on Roswell Road.

According to investigators, Kenneth Starks robbed the store at gunpoint Sunday evening. He allegedly ordered a store employee to load up a trash bag with cash and cell phones. However, police say the employee dropped a fake phone inside the bag. That fake phone was actually a tracking device, police say, and allowed them to follow Starks quickly.

Investigators tracked the signal to an Olive Garden restaurant in Dunwoody, where police from Atlanta and Dunwoody arrested Starks. They say he was armed with a handgun and the electronics were found inside his car. He was arrested and charged with armed robbery.

According to police, this was a rare instance where investigators had the ability to track the suspect in real-time. Officials with Atlanta Police say the incident speaks to the strong ability of technology to aid police in this digital age.