Fairytale Christmas for children being adopted by Va. couple

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Facebook and a Cinderella carriage were the two key pieces to creating a magical Christmas surprise for a couple of kids being adopted in Virginia.

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Miranda whose dad built her a carriage fit for a princess.

“I hid it for three weeks and presented it to her on her 3rd birthday,” Said Jeff Ward, Miranda’s father.

The princess got older, found a prince, and lived happily ever after. Since the carriage was no longer relevant, the father and daughter thought the carriage should go to another young princess.  So Jeff decided to sell it. Before finding a buyer, Jeff heard a story about two kids waiting to be adopted in Virginia.

Jeff says he was so touched by the children’s story he decided to donate the carriage to the two children, 7-year-old Mikayla and 6-year-old Luke.

“It was such a simple decision. I knew the moment that she presented this that this was the right place and the only place I wanted this to go. Like it fell into my lap,” Jeff explained.

Jeff’s decision set off a chain reaction of kind acts among strangers in Loudon County.

The Findley family saw what was going on through their Facebook market place and decided to take part in all of the action. They filled an entire car with tons of toys for Mikayla and Luke.

“This has probably been the best Christmas of my life just being a part of what just happened for these kids,” Jeff expressed.

These acts of kindness will surely help Mikayla and Luke live happily ever after in their new Virginia home.