Facebook Marketplace theft suspect arrested during attempt to re-sell stolen bike

A man is behind bars after Fulton County authorities say he tried to re-sell a dirt bike that was stolen during a Facebook Marketplace meet-up earlier this week. 

Fulton County investigators said a tip from authorities in Lake City alerted them that the bike that was reported stolen had been re-listed for sale in Atlanta. 

"It was stolen during the original sale where the suspect just drove off with the dirt bike while test-driving it," Sgt. Patrick Roach told FOX 5. 

Authorities said the two attempts to sell the bike occurred within 24 hours of each other but had radically different outcomes. The first ended with a theft report and the second ended with the arrest of 23-year-old Trevon Jameal Bonner. 

"It was great, right place, right time…we were able to respond quickly," Roach recalled. 

Roach said within hours of the bike being stolen Sunday, the victim saw it in another listing for $5,000. 

"First thing one of my investigators said…’I bet you it’s on Facebook Marketplace’ and knew right away," Roach said. 

That’s when authorities said the victim and a friend came up with plans to set up a fake meet up with the seller at Rosel Fann Recreation Center on Cleveland Avenue and invited the sheriff’s office to step in. 

"We were able to converge on his location, take him into custody without incident, recovered the dirt bike and matched the VIN up with his bill of sale which was stolen the day previous," Roach told Fox 5. 

Deputies charged Bonner with theft by receiving. Authorities said the arrest led them to discover he also had warrants for larceny out of Henry County. 

Fulton County investigators said they’re working with police in Lake City to confirm whether he was also the original theft suspect.   

While Roach said the victim was lucky to get his bike back, the sheriff’s office is reminding residents to use extra caution when arranging meet-ups on Facebook Marketplace. 

"I always recommend people meet up at a really populated area, police precincts are great, come to the courthouse where there’s deputies, let them know what you have going on."