Facebook group 'gifts it forward', helping Atlanta families fill needs for holidays

Looking for food or maybe a toy or two for the kids this holiday season? Gift It Forward connects people giving away new and gently used items to people looking for those things – for free. 

Gift It Forward is a metro Atlanta-based Facebook group, and it can be a lifeline during the holidays, helping people save money as inflation remains high.

Dereka Williams is a metro Atlanta mom of growing kids. Her monthly budget is tight.

"Food, a regular cart of food that was $150 is now $250," Williams told FOX 5, noting the bills keep growing. "Hospital costs, daily costs, gas, clothing."

That's why Williams says she's glad for Gift It Forward, which connects people giving away new and gently used stuff with people on tight budgets trying to make ends meet.

"These gifters and receivers allow you to get gifts for your kids, they allow you to get diapers for the elderly parent, they allow you to be able to save your money, so you can get a full tank of gas fo the week," she said. "When you’re able to reach out to your sister friends, and they have things and can prepare meals and give you food—can you give those things you don’t have to pay for—that definitely helps a monthly budget for a parent."

Tazia Allen is one of the group's administrators. She says people can post any useful items they want to give.

"You can post in the group—you can give away furniture, clothes, whatever you want to give away," Allen said. "Re-gifting things we may be tired of, but it’s new to a different family. It’s extremely useful. With inflation going on—there are things people won’t be able to afford."

Anyone from anywhere can join the group, but Allen says they prefer that you're from Georgia. Gift It Forward connects people with stuff they're looking for all year long.