Extra law enforcement officers ensuring Super Bowl LI security

In downtown Houston it’s easy to see the Super Bowl crowds but it’s also easy to tell there’s extra law enforcement.

"So Harris County on any given day has 10,000 law enforcement officers and about 8,000 fire and EMS so we are typically well staffed", says Francisco Sanchez, spokesperson for the Harris County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

O.E.M. officials say dozens of agencies are helping out, some coming as far as California, even a few from Guam. "We share that information across the board and can send all the resources that are needed to adapt to anything and that can be something or that can be something as simple as more traffic than expected bigger crowds than expected, expanded parking, those zones to keep people safe", says Sanchez.

Police Chief Art Acevedo says so far everything has gone pretty smoothly. "Thus far it's going wonderfully, you know we had an unplanned protest that sprung up our folks have been very flexible and ready to respond just about to anything and we'll continue that posture, regardless of the challenge, I think we are up for it", says Chief Acevedo.

Throughout the city during this time you will see more than 60 new K9’s and their officers who were sworn in by the U.S. Marshals office. You will also see air support, as well as those traveling by foot.

"We've got K9 teams from around the country from different departments so I think the law enforcement community really is helping one another, we have helped in the past for a lot of other places so now it's our turn to get the help in return", says Chief Acevedo.