Expensive utility trailer stolen from Buford business

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It took only minutes for someone to drive up and saw away at an expensive utility trailer, stealing it from a small business in Hall County. It was all caught on camera and the small business hopes that someone will help them crack the case.

"We are a family business. We have others that are like family," said Chris Allen, general manager.

It's about 2:30 Thursday morning, in a shower of sparks, a man was seen in the parking lot of American Comfort Heating and Air sawing away at a massive supply trailer.

"Either a grinder or a cutting board. If you look, he pulls up really close to it, so I could not tell if he reached in to grab a cutting torch or a grinder, but it was one or the other that he used to cut the tongue off the trailer," said Allen.

Allen admits trailers like these are an attractive target for thieves.

"People can easily swap a tag on them. They are not like cars where there are major problems with it, people throw whatever on them and drive them down the road. Nobody really looks at trailers a whole lot," said Allen.

Allen thinks this act was well planned and not the first time this thief was on the property.

"We have camera footage for about 20 minutes the night before when they were here looking at all the trailers of us and our neighbors, scoping out everything that we have here," said Allen.

It took less than five minutes in all, from the time the dark truck pulls up to the time it leaves with the trailer in tow. It was filled with supplies that customers were expecting, the next day.

"We really would like to just have our stuff back, so that we would not have to absurd thousands and thousands of dollars in loss," said Allen.

He hopes someone will recognize this truck and the man sawing away at this property.