Exclusive video: Car boot has prosecutor in hot water

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Not paying to park in a private lot can lead any driver frustrated and lighter in the wallet given the $75 fee it costs to have the orange clamp removed.

A Fulton County prosecutor found herself answering questions from Atlanta Police on patrol at a Buckhead lot. Police say inside the trunk of Alea Harmon's private car was a boot still attached to one of her tires. An officer saw that a spare was being put on the car.

When asked what was going on, Harmon denied she was about to drive away. She claims she had paid to park and the booting device should not have been put on her car in the first place.

But police required her to stay in the lot until the “booter” could get there to reclaim the immobilization device. Harmon ultimately paid $75 to the “booter” and was allowed to leave.

The encounter was captured on police body camera footage. District Attorney Paul Howard reviewed the body cam and did not like what he saw. He suspended Harmon for 10 days effective immediately.