Everyday Heroes: Stranded driver thanks Good Samaritan for help

Even the smallest of gestures can change someone's day for the better. When one man found himself in a desperate situation he got more than the jolt he needed from the local Starbucks!

A busy intersection along Bethany Bend in Alpharetta is not the place you would expect for two strangers to become fast friends

"I was literally on my way to the meeting my car just completely broke down at the light," said Rasean Dion. He ran into dead ends getting help.

"I called my mom and she wasn’t available… I called my best friend, her boyfriend was in the middle of the city… roadside assistance said they were two hours away…"

But help would merely be a café latte away. "So I called Starbucks," said Rasean

On the other end of the line was Destiny Velez, who manages the Starbucks store just yards away from where Rasean was stranded.

"Somebody sounded upset and stressed out. They said, ‘Hey I’m in front of your store. I’m at the stop light my car just died. Can somebody come help jump my car,’" said Destiny. "I said well that was really, really good timing. I’m about to leave, I’ll be out there in a couple minutes."

Together these two sprang into action.

"I opened my trunk. You can tell he’s nervous. We’re both standing in traffic. We’re trying to be quick you know," said Destiny.

"She pulled out the chords, jumped up her car, jumped up my car," Rasean adds.

"We worked together, started my car. He started his. I waited a couple minutes, made sure it was running before we unhooked everything," said Destiny.

Little did they know after going their separate ways FOX 5 would reunite them days later, giving Rasean the opportunity to give a proper thank you.

"An angel, an earthly angel, and absolutely a hero," said Rasean.

"I’m happy to help. When I say that I mean it, you know. I’m just glad I can be there, the timing worked out," said Destiny.

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