Employees Confront Brazen Burglars

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William Pulliam pointed out the two trucks in the parking lot targeted by thieves.

"Yeah my truck and then Terry's truck were broken into," said Pulliam.

He works at A-Buck Building and Construction where the company surveillance system recorded a blue dodge pickup enter the parking lot about three in the afternoon last week. It shows one man breaking into a truck then seconds later another man breaking into the other truck.

"It's pretty bold, I guess they don't have much to lose I guess it's pretty important to them," said Michael Lindeman.

He's among the handful of employees who bolted out of their building to try to stop the brazen burglars. The surveillance video shows the two thieves fleeing in their truck.

"We chased after them and when they got to the end of the street they fired two shots at us. We dove out of the way, it scared us pretty bad," said Lindeman.

Meantime  Mathew Pulliam , who didn't hear the gunfire, followed the bad guys in his truck.

"They were driving crazy, probably 80-90 miles an hour plus and in the wrong lane, I was just staying in my lane I wasn't about to try to follow them through all that," said Pulliam.

Afterwards Cobb County Police put out an emergency alert advising employees on Discovery Place and to refrain from confronting thieves. But these men say it was a gut reaction, especially after other break ins in the area.

"When you step back and think about it, when they shoot at you, you wish you wouldn't have reacted that way but in the moment you're angry and you want them out of your stuff," said Lindeman.

Cobb County police say at least two vehicles a day are stolen in Cobb County. They believe the trucks were targeted because thieves are searching for guns, cash and electronics.

Employees say they got a jar filled with about twenty five dollars in quarters, a briefcase and some legal papers.