Election worker fired after comment

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A Gwinnett County election poll worker was fired after a complaint accusing the woman of making comments against voters who don't speak English.  Now a Latino rights group says Gwinnett needs better training for their election workers and even wants the Department of Justice involved.

Gwinnett County officials confirmed they investigated the incident that was reported on Super Tuesday at a precinct in Lawrenceville.  The executive director of the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials said one of the group's representatives showed up at the precinct to assist any voters who were not proficient in English.  Gonzalez said that is when the poll worker made the comment.

"She said 'if they don't speak English, we don't want them here' meaning we don't want them voting at this precinct," said Gonzalez.

Gwinnett election officials decided at Tuesday's board meeting to fire the worker.  They said she had worked several election cycles, but won't be working at any of the precincts any more.  Gonzalez said that is a good first step, but he said the county needs to train their election workers better.

"We want Latinos voting rights to be protected, and we don't think Gwinnett County is doing everything they can," said Gonzalez.

County officials told FOX 5 they have a very rigorous, thorough training program. They said it is constantly being changed to keep up with new laws. They said after every election they look at what can be done differently to do a better job next time. 

Gonzalez says GALEO is not letting up and will be keeping a close eye on elections in Gwinnett, especially with the presidential election just months away.  He also said he contacted the Department of Justice to look into voting problems in Gwinnett.  County officials said they have not yet heard from the Department of Justice.