Election officials say DeKalb County is finished with its count

Election officials in DeKalb County say they have finished counting all their ballot just after midnight Thursday morning.

As of 12:20 a.m., DeKalb County Voter Registration and Elections reports they have processed all 369,948 votes cast in the county for the 2020 presidential election.

Officials said that includes 127,019 absentee ballots, 195,376 advance voters, and 47,553 ballots cast on Election Day.

The county reports an additional 1,753 overseas ballots as part of the Uniformed Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act. Any additional ballots will have until Friday at 4:30 p.m. to arrive and cannot be postmarked any later than Nov. 3 to qualify.

The county reported 201 ballots need to “cured” and that those voters are being contacted by phone or overnight mail. Those voters will have three days after being contacted to provide any necessary information to help resolve the issue and have their vote counted.

DeKalb County also had 1,600 provisional ballots cast. Voters have until Friday to resolve any issue so those ballots are counted.

The unofficial tally has been submitted to the state. The votes won’t be certified by the DeKalb County Board of Registrations and Elections until Friday, Nov. 13.