Elderly Douglas County woman roughed up and robbed, suspect caught

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Victims house

Stacy Bohannan is behind bars at the Douglas County jail charged with numerous offenses for a home invasion against a 75 year old woman.

Police say it's fortunate her neighbors were vigilant. The 75 year old woman was tending to her flowers at her first story apartment Thursday morning when suddenly a man with a gun jumped the railing.

"Grabbed her by her throat, dragged her into her apartment, held a gun at her head and demanded money," said Vickie Crews, a neighbor to the elderly victim.

Crews also said the elderly woman told her the man fled when someone knocked on her door. Police say he got away with a small amount of cash. In his haste to get away Lora Anderson says he slammed right into her.

"I was at the top of the breezeway and he ran into me coming around the corner fast," said Anderson.

Police say 28 year old Stacy Bohannan acted alone in the home invasion. They say based on the victim and eyewitness accounts he was arrested a few blocks away at this Circle K store in a small red sedan after changing his clothes.

"Inside the vehicle they found clothing matching the description given by the victim and the two eyewitnesses and they also found a small caliber firearm," said Detective Clinton Ratliff with the Douglasville Police Department.

Neighbor Valerie Young, the second eyewitness, says Bohannan came to her door previously pretending to sell books. Sensing something suspicious she says she pulled a large knife and demanded he leave.

Police say Bohannan is a previous tenant who moved away from the Carrington Point Complex about two years ago. Neighbors say the 75 year old victim has also left.

"To get to that age of life and have yourself violated like that, like I told my neighbors, how can she stay in her apartment now," said Valerie Young.

Bohannan remains behind bars without bond for a crime, which police say netted him about 35 dollars. He is facing armed robbery, aggravated assault and other charges. Police say he could face an enhanced sentence because his alleged crime was against an elderly person. Neighbors said the 75 year old woman was emotionally shaken but physically OK.

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