Educator teaches from hospital as son recovers from life-threatening battle with COVID-19

An Atlanta Public Schools educator is pulling double duty as her son recovers from COVID-19.

Qiana Bigsby's 10-year-old has been in the ICU since December.

Bigsby said her son was initially admitted into Scottish Rite Hospital for an infection.

While there, he tested positive for COVID and the virus took a toll on his body.

"His lung collapsed and he had to be placed on a vent. My heart just dropped to the floor," Qiana Bigsby explained. 

From her 10-yer-old son’s bedside, the Atlanta Public Schools paraprofessional has been pulling double duty for five months. She said it gets her mind off of what's going on and she gets to see her students.

"At times, I do have to teach from the bedside. It's been challenging but I get the job done. I just thank God for my strength," she explained.

It's the strength to stay strong for Isaiah, better known as Ziggy, while also teaching her students virtually.

Bigsby says Ziggy's health deteriorated after he tested positive for COVID while hospitalized for an infection.

"It's been hard to handle but Ziggy is getting better but he has not gained any, much more movement in his legs because he has nerve damage in his spine," Bigsby told us. 

She said the Finch Elementary School student has special needs.

He was also born with Prader-Willi syndrome which leads to childhood obesity and affects muscle tone.

"This kid has an undeniable spirit. All that he's been through, he hasn't questioned why it's happened or anything. He remains happy, he remains positive," she said. 

Even though his health has improved, Bigsby fears her son may never walk again.

Now, the widowed mom of two hopes to raise enough money to get Ziggy a wheelchair van "so that Ziggy can get to and from his doctors' appointments, he can get to school when school starts, and his favorite is he loves to go to the lake."

Bigsby said Ziggy will likely begin rehab in a few days and his recovery will be long.

She tells me it'll be difficult for him to travel without the van. 

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