Edgewood taqueria serves up rich culinary experience

Its name translates to “the treasure” in Spanish — and with menus filled with family-style Mexican dishes to choose from, it’s safe to say there’s an abundance of riches waiting to be discovered inside Atlanta’s El Tesoro.

The Good Day feature team spent the morning in Atlanta’s Edgewood neighborhood, hanging out with the team behind El Tesoro. On any given day at the Mexican restaurant, you’ll probably find managing partner Alan Raines, who says his dream was to bring the best regional roadside Mexican food to Atlanta. With partner Darryl Howard and Cristina Lugo Soto — who handles the cooking with her daughter, Mayra — Raines has created a place which he says honors the flavors and simplicity of the world’s best taquerias.

So…let’s talk food.  El Tesoro opens at 7:00 a.m. most days, offering up breakfast tacos and burritos with a long list of possible filings including Chorizo con Papas (soy or pork chorizo, sweet potato, scrambled egg, onion, and queso cotija) and Frijalero (refried black beans, scrambled egg, queso cotija, and pico de gallo).  Lunch service takes over at 11:00 a.m., with tacos, burros, mulitas on the menu, along with plenty of sides. Oh, and did we mention the possibility of adding chapulines to your meal?  They’re on the menu.  And chapulines, by the way, are dry roasted crickets.

El Tesoro is located at 1374 Arkwright Place Southeast in Atlanta; for operating hours and a look at the menus, click over to the restaurant’s website here. And click the video player in this article for a mouth-watering look at our morning at El Tesoro.