Easy ways to make cash Super Bowl weekend

If you haven't heard, the Super Bowl is coming to town. Football fans will fill up more than 200,000 hotel rooms, but they are also looking to stay in homes which is how you make a little money for yourself in a side hustle.

I looked at Airbnb rentals in the Castleberry Hill area very near the stadium. $3,000. $2,400. I even saw one for more than $8,000.  

Now let's take a closer at one of these properties. For $3,000 you get a two-bedroom apartment that holds six guests. That's a fruitful weekend if you can get it. I even went outside of this area and they're asking these same prices.

This week Airbnb held a get-together for its home hosts. Brandon Hatton explains why out-of-town folks might want to stay in a private home. .

"One of the joys of the Airbnb experience is people being able to show off their homes in their unique communities and being able to communicate with guests coming into town for the big game and really experience Atlanta from an authentic point of view," the Airbnb spokesman told us.

Super host Rich Munroe says be realistic about your expectation for a rental during Super Bowl weekend

"I think everyone needs to do a sanity check on the numbers." He said you can make money, but it's not a 'get rich quick' scheme. "There's a benefit, but be realistic in your expectations."

Airbnb says generally rooms go for $70 a night. It's now at $157. And that will likely spike after Sunday when we figure out who the Super Bowl teams will be.

But if this isn't your thing, here are a few more ways to get your Super Bowl side hustle on.

  • Post-party clean up
  • Babysit
  • Bartend
  • Cater

Offer to do post-party clean up. Babysit for folks who will be saying up late on that Sunday night. Offer to bartend a party even cater it if you're good in the kitchen.  

And if you live near the stadium, maybe you could rent your driveway. Or go down there and take pictures and sell them to stock photo companies. Or heck, just do delivery and make extra money.