Investigators look into fire at DeKalb County 'Cop City' subdivision

A fire burned down two homes in a subdivision still under development in DeKalb County last Saturday night. Authorities said it happened along Bouldercrest Road, not far from a controversial training center planned for first responders that critics call "cop city."

The blaze broke out just hours after another fire about a mile up the street. How the fire ignited, authorities said, remains mystery.

The fire erupted at Eastside Parc. One resident, David Ray, told FOX 5 he wasn't around when he found out his property was going up in flames.

"I received a phone call from a neighbor," said Ray, development manager for Eastside Parc development and associates. "There was a fire in my neighborhood."

Ray said two of the four future homes burned to their foundations.

David Ray from Eastside Parc Development and Associates said he doesn't know if the fire was set intentionally. (FOX 5 Atlanta)

"We’re trying to build a new community and enhance DeKalb County and unincorporated Atlanta in that area," he said. "The houses are completely gone." 

The homes were unoccupied. No one was injured. DeKalb County Fire is investigating whether someone may have set the blaze on purpose. 

"There were some suspicions. But nobody knows," Ray said.  

The flames ignited about a mile down the street from Key Road. A dumpster fire broke there earlier the same day. That fire was near a planned training center for first-responders critics call "cop city." It is unclear if the fire at the subdivision is connected to the controversy around the training center. But DeKalb fire confirms it is investigating all possibilities. 

"Anytime you see something like that, you wonder what happened," Ray said. "Just continuing to provide good and affordable housing residents in DeKalb County, and it’s just really sad."