East Point teen killed, two others hospitalized after shootout

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What had earlier been a crime scene turned into a gathering of family and friends of the youngest victim, Anthony Harris.

"My son was only 14-years-old. He got his life taken by just being out here, being innocent, being a child," said Myliaka West.

Police say the teen was hit in the legs in a hail of gunfire in a breezeway at the Lakeshire village apartment complex.

"It sounded like a car crashing to tell you the truth, It sounded like bang, bang, bang, bang,bang," said a man who identified himself only as Montana.

Two other 15 and 16 year old boys were also hit by gunfire and are recovering at Grady Hospital. Police say upwards of ten rounds from an assault rifle and a pistol were sprayed at the victims. Two or three men were seen leaving the area in a black Chrysler 300.

"We're hoping that the public can shed some light with us as to why this took place because quite a number of gunshots were fired," said Captain Cliff Chandler with East Point Police.

Family members say Anthony Harris just finished Woodland Middle school and was headed to Woodland High School. They say he excelled in computers and looked up to Retired General Colin Powell.

"That was his idol, as an African American man, so he always wanted to go to the army so he could save people," said his mother.

She also says Anthony was very trusting with sometimes the wrong crowd and had snuck outside Monday, his last day.

"I just don't know what it was that caused this murder. If you know anything please call and let somebody know," said Myliaka West.

East Point Police also say they received reports of another person who was shot being transported in a car away from the apartment complex. They're asking anyone with any information to give them a call.