East Point firefighters' vehicles hit by vandals

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Some East Point firefighters are scratching their heads, wondering why someone would trash their vehicles while they slept.

It happened in the parking lot of fire station four on Ben Hill Drive early Tuesday morning.

WATCH: Vandals strike near an East Point fire station leave glass littering in the wake

East Point Police said someone bashed out windows from three firefighter vehicles in the parking lot of the fire station.

“It's terrible. I mean they are the ones that are here to serve and protect us and keep us from danger and it's just heartless that someone would come and destroy their property,” said Shirley Simmons who owns a quadplex across the street from the fire station.

East Point police said they responded promptly to the fire station but by then the vandal or vandals had fled.

Shirley Simmons checked on one of her tenants who live across the street from the fire department.

“My tenant said that between 2 and 4 this morning someone broke the windows out of his friend’s car. And there was nothing in there to steal,” said Simmons.

East Point police confirm the vandalism on the car across the street. They are investigating to see if it's connected to the smashed windows at the parking lot of fire station four.

In a written statement the chief of the fire department wrote that it appears nothing was stolen, adding this was a criminal act and police are investigating. It is an unfortunate incident which we hope will be resolved soon.

“It's just heartless, period,” said Simmons. “Please find something better to do with your time and energy, thank you."

Officially, East Point police are calling these series of acts of vandalism as attempted auto break-ins because nothing was taken from any of the vehicles. Anyone with any information is asked to contact the East Point Police Department.

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