Audit reveals East Point city manager withheld information about multi-million dollar loss in email scam

Taxpayers in East Point are calling for City Manager Deron King to either step down, or be fired by the City Council.

This comes after an audit revealed the city lost more than $700,000 in an email scam, and that King knew about it, but didn’t tell the council or taxpayers.

Dozens of concerned taxpayers showed up to a council meeting Monday. They say it's not just about the money, they feel they can’t trust their city manager to be transparent with them.

 "We deserve amazing leadership," a resident said at the podium during the meeting.

Close to 20 people got up to demand the city council fire King.

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"To actually keep the city manager in place after something like this, it just it defies logic, and the council keeps kicking the ball down the road," one resident said.

While most of the people who spoke at Monday night’s meeting wanted King out, a few people stood up in his defense.

"I have known Mr. Deron King now for at least five to ten years, something like that, and my observation of him is that he is a decent and honorable man," another resident said.

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FOX 5 asked the city several times for an interview with King, but so far one has not been granted.

Despite all the public comment asking for the council to hold him accountable, the council did not take any action at the meeting, and king has shown no signs that he will willingly step down.

The concerned taxpayers told FOX 5 they’re losing faith in the city council after feeling like the council is not hearing them. They said they’re not giving up, and will continue to push council to remove King.