Dunwoody Police looking for 2 gunmen who robbed Target, tied up employee

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A terrifying night for an employee at Target in Dunwoody. Police said two gunmen rushed him as he was leaving for the night, forced him to open the safe, and tied him up. 

Surveillance cameras in the parking lot show a white Honda Pilot backing into a spot well before closing time. Investigators said there were two men inside the SUV with masks, glove, and guns who were planning to rob the store. 

"The suspects had been there for over an hour watching the store, the procedures, watching employees leave and preparing to commit their crime," said Dunwoody Police Sgt. Roberts Parsons.

Shortly before midnight on Tuesday, the last employee is seen on video leaving the store. Police said that's when the gunmen make their move. 

"The suspects pull up to him, exit their vehicle and produce two firearms," said Sgt. Parsons.

Investigators said they force the employee back into the store and order him to turn the alarm off.  Police said the employee told officers the men then made him take them to the office. Police said the robbers brought bags with them and told the employee to fill them up with cash. Investigators said they then tied the employees hands with zip-ties.

Video shows the thieves running out of Target, jumping in the white SUV and leaving. Police said the SUV had drive out tags and appears to be a 2003 to 2005 model.

Phylicia Jean-Louis and Kimberley Rambally work at Amazing Lash Studio, on the other side of the parking lot from Target. They were stunned that the two crooks pulled it off. 

"That's really crazy to think theyd' be so bold to go to a target, to rob a target, wow," said Jean-Louis.

They also admit they're a bit nervous knowing it happened so close. 

"Definitely more cautious, and mroe aware of our surroundings," said Rambally. 

Target released a statement to FOX 5 News stating they're greateful the team member was not injured and in addition to providing police with security footage, they're continuing to work with law enforcement in any way they can.