Dunwoody launches new Crime Response Team to combat vice, drug issues

Dunwoody police are cracking down on crime with a new Crime Response Team.

City leaders just approved more than a million dollars for the new team. The money is coming from the American Rescue Plan Act.

The dedicated team of officers will concentrate on vice operations. 

"For us, vice crimes mostly encompasses prostitution. We've done many vice operation stings for prostitution, and we've had pretty good success. We've found wanted people, people being trafficked, all those types of things," said Sgt. Michael Cheek. 

They will also be tackling the drug problem.

"It's a pretty big problem. We have a lot of drugs in the city, more than most people might think. We have drug arrests just about every day," said Sgt. Cheek. 

Right now, these investigations are handled by detectives and patrol officers on the road. 

"We don't have a specific group responsible for these investigations, it's really a gap in service for our department," said Dunwoody Police Chief Billy Grogan. 

Police say the specialized unit will be made up of a sergeant and three officers. It will require additional training, but the chief says it will be worth the investment. Police say over the years, as crime has risen, it has become evident a Crime Response Team is necessary. 

"I think it will definitely make an impact when you have a unit like that, that can focus on these types of crimes. We're hoping they'll be able to have a much larger impact in reducing crime," said Sgt. Cheek. 

Police say the addition of these officers will also help fill the ranks in the department.