Dunedin mother brought to tears by daughter with cerebral palsy walking with shopping cart

A community came together to support a little girl battling cerebral palsy. She’s inspired so many after overcoming the odds and learning to walk with a shopping cart. 

It was a very special trip to the grocery store for Lincoln Elisa, and one that brought her mother to tears.

"I’m honestly surprised but also happy and grateful that so many people support her and see her as strong as I do," Samantha Gonzalez said.

Everyone here has been touched by Lincoln’s strength and confidence. 


Lincoln Elisa enjoying her very own shopping cart at Winn-Dixie in Dunedin

She was born prematurely at 29 weeks and diagnosed with spastic cerebral palsy at the age of 2. CP is a group of disorders that affect movement and muscle tone. 

It was when her mother recently took her to this Winn-Dixie, she did something unexpected. 

winn dixie celebrates girl with cerebral palsy (3)

"She grabbed ahold of the shopping cart and completely ditched the walker. She started walking with that shopping cart on her own without needing her walker as a crutch," Gonzalez said. "I was in tears. My mom and I were crying as she was shopping with the shopping cart."

Friday, Winn-Dixie held a celebration of her accomplishments. She was given her very own shopping cart by a store employee who’s been there for 35 years and knows a thing or two about overcoming a disability.


Winn-Dixie held a celebration for Lincoln

"It was great! It was great seeing her and everything! Real inspiring!" said Shane Crisco, who also has CP.

What to some may seem small on the surface is a significant step forward for 3-year-old Lincoln.


Lincoln meets Shane Crisco, a Winn-Dixie employee who also has CP

"Today is a huge day for me. It’s overwhelming in the best way possible," Gonzalez said. 

Winn-Dixie also donated $1,000 to Lincoln’s therapy team, Heart 4 Kids Therapy.