Duluth celebrates the 3rd of July

On the day before this country's birthday aerial pyrotechnics bring oohs and aahs at the annual Duluth celebrates America.

"You get really the effect of the Star-Spangled Banner because the flag is there when the fireworks shoot off," said Duluth City Councilmember Marsha Anderson-Bomar.

The celebration revolves around Duluth which is consistently recognized as one of the most patriotic cities in the U.S. For families like the Nittos and Walkers it's also a time to reconnect.

" It's about family and friends and it's just a great time in America," said Marie Nitto.

In Georgia for many, this fourth of July is all about the big stuff, consumer fireworks which are now legal in our state. Phantom Fireworks in Duluth was swamped with a long line of people waiting to get in so they can light up the  sky like the pros.

"It kind of looks like Stone Mountain Park when they light up the sky," said customer Ernest Veal.

The experts say there are some basic must do's to stay safe.

"Who ever is doing the lighting make sure they're sober. All the items are shot on flat surfaces, you have water nearby, gloves, goggles for sure," said Ron Zoldan with Phantom Fireworks.

He says the best sellers are aerials, the kind that explode high above, especially multiple mortors with one fuse. But ultimately whether at the hands of amateurs or professionals it's all about sharing that great American experience.

"It's a celebration, if you do it by yourself it's not as fun than with other people," said Kaitlin Acosta who attended the Duluth fireworks show.

The city of Duluth put a drone in the air. The recorded Third of July fireworks show will be available on their website in a week. The representative with Phantom Fireworks says they expect their stores to be very busy on the Fourth of July.