'Dueling Pianos' show raises $78K for Chattahoochee Tech

This month, the Chattahoochee foundation set a goal to raise $60,000 for students in need. The school surpassed its goal by nearly $20,000. Now Chatt Tech students are preparing to receive their share of scholarship money.

It sounds cliché, but event organizers say this interactive display put the "fun" in "fundraising."

"We had some competition. If you didn't want to hear someone sing-- we had people pay to not hear someone sing," the school's Vice President of Advancement, Jennifer Nelson said.  

The interactive concert turned comedy show brought in $78,000 for Chattahoochee Tech students.

The Andrews Brothers were the main event.

"They're not brothers but they each bring their keyboard. They can play any song you request. We have everything from Frank Sinatra to Queen," Nelson said. "It was a good time, but we also know it's changing people's lives."

Students like Hallie Hernandez will tell you that's true. She's one of the recipients and took time from her job at Atlanta Blood services to tell FOX5 how much her scholarship means to her.

"It prevented me from having to get a loan or needing a part-time job that would take me away from my studies or my two-year-old daughter," she said.

Chatt Tech offers courses in everything from computers, engineering, and criminal justice to horticulture--even brewing and cosmetology.

"We do one event a year to support students where gap funding may not be available," Nelson said.

Last year, in-state students paid $1,500 for a 15-credit hour course load. Out of state and foreign students paid $3,000 and $6,000.

So when sponsors "tipped" one of the piano men at the dueling pianos event, they knew their money would count.

The idea was a first for the school's fundraising foundation.

"We'd heard of some other nonprofits did it-- not in our community-- but in other states. One of our sister colleges did it," Nelson said.

Considering the school surpassed their goal by $18,000, it's safe to say the keys were tickled as were the attendees and especially the scholars.