Drugs designed to look like candy being marketed to children

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Drugs marketed to children and designed to look like lollipops and gummies.  They're already in our schools and parents need to know what to look for.  Fulton County Schools held a meeting Wednesday night to give parents a clearer picture of what the drugs look like and how prevalent they are in the schools. 

"Pot is hot right now," said Dr. Gaylord Lopez with Poison Control at Grady Health Systems. 

Dr. Lopez made sure to point out it's not the green leafy product we're seeing in the schools, it's cereal, gummies, and other candies.

"You can easily evade detection, there's not that stigma of holding up a cigarette and you can smell the fumes, this is why it's so dangerous and parents need to be aware," said Dr. Lopez.

Dr. Lopez says you can't tell by sight alone which products have been infused with THC or other drugs, and that can be dangerous. 

"If you're unsuspecting and you're eating a gummy worm or fruit loops you just won't know," said Dr. Lopez.

Fulton County Schools organized the meeting after 28 children became ill at Sandtown Middle School after eating Valentine's Day treats.  The GBI says one of the treats tested positive for THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. Five students were disciplined by the school, but will not face criminal charges. 

Franchesca Warren is a mom of four.  She was at Wednesday night's meeting with two of her children. 

"I've been constantly having a conversation with my kids where you don't eat anything other people give you," said Warren. 

She listened as the GBI said candies laced with drugs are infiltrating our schools. She says it's scary but it's the world we live in today. As a mom, she wants to get as much information on it as possible. 

"People are getting more creative on how to get drugs to our children which is why we have to educate them on the dangers out there," said Warren.