Drug-laced gummy bears, weed, guns seized from home

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Forsyth County deputies said they made a major drug bust of a dealer who targeted teenagers and young adults.

Christopher Alan Walker, 34, was arrested on numerous felony drug and gun charges and is being held without bond, and is accused of dealing drugs from his home.

Inside the home of the suspect, authorities said they seized a freezer full of gummy bears possibly laced with THC and close to 40 pounds of marijuana. Deputies said they also seized $65,000 in cash, assault rifles, prescription drugs, and other drug-related evidence from the home in the Stonehaven Pointe community.

Deputies said possibly the most troubling find was that the gummy bears were stored in the freezer beside children's snacks. A small child lived in the home.

"What happens if the child had found those and ingested these drug-laden gummy bears... if that child had taken these to school?" said Sheriff Ron Freeman.

Authorities said drugs shaped like candy are often marketed and designed for teenagers or young adults.

"It's really good to get those off the street and get someone selling those to our youth off the street," Freeman said.

The drug bust alarmed numerous parents in the community off Piney Grove Road and Highway 9, where numerous families have young children, concerned neighborhood kids playing in the home could have gotten a hold of the gummies as well.

"To know these could have possibly been handed out as "trick or treats" is extremely upsetting," said parent Cary Knox, who told her child to avoid consuming anything that looks like candy from strangers.

"With Halloween coming up, it's just that much more important to go through the candy," said Chris Miller, another concerned parent.

Forsyth County deputies are encouraging parents to attend the annual Forsyth Drug Summit on Monday at 6:30 p.m. at the Forsyth Conference Center, at 3410 Ronald Reagan Boulevard in Cumming. Displays and speeches will inform parents on items in the home kids may consume to get "high," how to talk to teens and kids about drugs, various drugs that are available to teens, and how to tell if your child is consuming illegal substances.