Driver fleeing police crashes into 2 houses in Acworth, Cobb County police say

A couple of Cobb County families had a wild start to their morning when a car crashed into their homes.

"I heard the loud noise, I didn't know if it was the weather, a tree - I just didn't know," said Cathy Reado, who lives in one of the homes.

Reado never would have believed it was a car that came through her house that made that loud noise. Then she saw the tail lights in her kitchen.

"The blinker of the car and tires in our kitchen, just sitting in our kitchen," said Reado.

Then she smelled the gas and yelled for everyone to get up and get out.

"I went to get my son - he was asleep - went to get my baby and started yelling for everyone, 'Let's get out,' and told my brother to call 911," said Reado.

"We were all saying 'Get out,' smelling gas, burning my eyes, 'Get out. Get everybody out!'" Trent Reado recalled.

Cobb County police say they were trying to stop the driver of a BMW for suspicion of drunk driving. Investigators say the 19-year-old behind the wheel, identified as Benedicto Morales, sped away.

Police say he hit the stone paving of the Brookwood Commons sign at the front of the subdivision, went airborne, crashed into a tree, landed on top of the sunroom of one home, and then bounced or flipped into the Reados' house next door.

"It's a nightmare. You see this kind of stuff on TV", Reado said.

Remarkably, no one was seriously hurt, even Morales only had minor injuries.

"I just thank God nobody got hurt, and I'm glad he didn't get hurt with the way the vehicle looked, and he was in there. I just thank God everyone was okay," Reado said.

The Red Cross was in the neighborhood Friday to help the families find a place to stay while their homes are being repaired.

Morales was taken to the hospital for minor injuries and is facing a charge of driving under the influence.