'Dressy' thieves steal iPhones and iPads from metro area stores

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Some “dressy” thieves have been snatching iPhones and iPads from stores in the metro area, and have gotten away with it at least half a dozen times. Police have been able to connect the same group to various thefts because of their clothing. The women in the group wear long, flowing skirts.

Mariah Murrow works at the AT&T store in Flowery Branch. She says she couldn’t help but notice when the group walked in.

“I actually complimented the woman on her skirt,” said Murrow.

Police said the group of thieves stole nine iPhone 7's which valued at more than $7,000. Murrow said she now believes the dresses may have been a distraction or a way to hide the loot.

“I'm thinking there was something under the skirt, because it was flowing, so she'd have room underneath it,” said Murrow.

Investigators said the same thieves hit several stores in the metro area, including the Verizon store in Stone Mountain and the Walmart and Verizon store in Oakwood.

At the Oakwood location, the store manager went after them, following them to the parking lot.

“The manager banged his fist on the car window, trying to stop them, and he almost got run over because the guy swerved the car to get out of the lot,” said Oakwood Police Sgt. Danny Sridej.

The manager wasn't hurt, and even managed to snap a photo of their car. It's a white Mercedes with a temporary tag from Texas.

Investigators believe this group works fast and is on the move and they want to catch them before they leave town.

“I believe they're going to be leaving town soon because once they saturate all the stores they're going to move to another state or city and start all over again,” said Sgt. Sridej.

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