Dozens charged as Atlanta police crackdown on street racing again

City of Atlanta officials say two parents were among a dozen charged last weekend in a crackdown on street racing

Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens says police will use every tool to round up the lawbreakers. 

The parents came to pick up juveniles detained by police. They were surprised to learn they could also be charged.

"You have to be responsible for your children," said Darin Schierbaum, the interim chief. 

He called the activity especially dangerous. 

The chief invited the mayor and the media out to the police annex. 

Both stood in front of one of the "muscle" cars taken from a driver and impounded. 

On social media are images and sounds of fireworks on major city streets -- an unauthorized and illegal celebration. 

Mayor Dickens said police tamped down the activity over the summer. He added, "Now they come back out in October" shaking his head. 

Schierbaum specifically pointed to court officials "to handle" cases his and other law enforcement officers are making.