Downtown Connector shooting: Car peppered with bullets during road rage

A honk of a horn led to gunshots on the Downtown Connector on Monday night, leaving one car riddled with bullets. 

A bullet was pulled out of the victim’s tire Tuesday morning just hours after his car was shot up. 

"He was in shock because, you see this on TV, you're like, it can never happen to me," said the wife of the victim.  "But when you're in it, it happens so fast that you just are in shock." 

The man’s wife did not want to be identified because the road rage driver has not been caught. She says she was seconds behind her husband in another car when the shooting happened on the Downtown Connector around 10:30 Monday night. 

"It blew out the tire, it hit the front part of the car, nothing got to him," the wife said. 

The woman says some guy was driving recklessly and almost hit her husband. She says her partner honked his horn and that’s when the other driver slowed down before he grabbed his gun. 

"He said all he saw was just the lights from the bullets, like the pop, pop, pop," she said. "It's like the flash." 

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Bullet holes can be seen in a car after a road rage shooting along the Downtown Connector near Midtown Atlanta on June 3, 2024. (Supplied)

She says her husband was not injured and she is thankful her daughter was not in his car. 

"He's pretty shaken up," the wife said. "It's crazy that you can't even honk the horn because somebody’s going to hit you. Now you have to be scared that they're going to shoot you, kill you." 

Atlanta police are investigating. 

The family asks anyone who saw something Monday night to call the police to help find the guy responsible.