Downtown Atlanta restaurant shooting: 1 dead, gunman on the run

A man was gunned down at a restaurant in Downtown Atlanta. The shooter is on the run. 

The shots broke out just before 8:30 Friday morning at Summit Cafeteria on Marietta Street Northwest. 

The restaurant shared the disturbing surveillance video of the shooting. The gunfire erupted after two men appear to exchange words outside a restroom. 

A man wearing a red hat waits outside the door. A man wearing a dark hat walks out. The two seem to say something to each other. The man wearing the red hat reaches for his gun and opens fire. Customers hear the shots and scramble. The victim died at the scene. Police are not releasing the victim’s name. 

Darius Chambers co-owns Atlanta Barber Company down the street. Chambers says this neighborhood is growing more dangerous. 

"The violence downtown is getting worse and worse," Chambers said. "Us, as business owners and workers downtown, we’re getting tired of it."

Demetrius Fisher is a regular at the barber shop. He says he’s always on guard around here. 

"I’m very cognizant about my surrounding and being looped into what’s going on," Fisher said. "As a patron who frequents several businesses in this area. You got to be watching your back. You never know when any criminal act is going to take place around you."

The family of the victim has set up a GoFundMe account to help pay for funeral expenses and to take care of his three children, one who was born just a week before he was gunned down.