Douglasville Confederate flag rally, birthday party-goers clash

How did a child's birthday party in Douglasville turn into a scene where tempers flared, Confederate flags were flying, and both sides said guns were drawn?

It all depends on who you ask. On one side are people who flew the Confederate flag this weekend in a display down one busy Douglasville street. On the other, a group of people who said they were out to have a good time until tensions over that flag ruined it.

Both sides claim the other incited violence, but police don’t have enough evidence either way. They can confirm that there were no shots fired.

It started with a birthday party and a rally in support of the Confederate flag.

Alford said during the celebration, several trucks with American, military, and Confederate flags flying from the back made their way onto her property. She claims they threatened her.

But Kayla Norton, who was in one of the pickup trucks, disputes that version of the story. Norton said the confrontation actually began when someone threw an object at one of trucks causing it to swerve and pop a tire. Norton said the driver pulled over into the grass off Chapel Hill Road, an area Norton said is public property.

The Alford family refutes claims anyone from their party threw anything at the truck.

But both sides claim the other escaladed the incident by showing weapons, but police couldn’t confirm that ever happened.

A video shot of the scene shows officers with the Douglasville Police Department at the scene. Police said they responded and investigated, but didn’t arrest anyone for the actual incident. However, police said one person was arrested on unrelated charges.

Douglasville Police issued the following statement to FOX 5 News about the incident:

“Officers on scene were given conflicting statements as to what led up to the confrontation. We do not have any evidence of any shots fired nor were there any reports of a physical altercation taking place."

Police also said no one was injured. They are reviewing the video of the incident to see if any laws were broken.

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