Doraville Police K9 stabbed, expected to make full recovery

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A police K9 officer is expected to make full recovery after being stabbed last week while assisting in an arrest warrant in Dunwoody.

The Doraville Police Department said that Tryko was assisting the U.S. Marshals Service in The Branches subdivision off Mount Vernon Road last Friday afternoon. During the actual arrested, Tryko was stabbed in the mouth.

"He stayed in the fight. He was up on the wall trying to get to the guy," said Doraville Police Lt. Jason Deyette, Tryko’s partner and handler.

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Police said Tryko was rushed to the Village Animal Clinic in Dunwoody Village. Dr. Ann Mayberry pulled the pieces of wood the suspect used to stab Tryko out of the dog's tongue.

"There was more blood than I've ever seen," said Dr. Ann Mayberry.

Tryko ended up receiving approximately 25 to 30 stitches.

"It was about this close before it was severed. If that had been severed, the dog would have bled out entirely," said Dr. Mayberry.

Officials said Tryko had a rough and restless night his first night, but started to take food and water, which they said was a good sign. A week later and Dr. Mayberry said Tryko is on the road to a full recovery.

"He’s a trooper. That's what they don't realize. They don't realize someone tried to harm him," said Dr. Mayberry.

"This is something you know can happen, you try and mentally prepare for it," said Lt. Deyette.

Authorities said they were able to arrest Jeffrey Coleman, a man with about 15 outstanding warrants in multiple Georgia counties, during the operation.