Donations needed for officer, family of six who lost their home in fire

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A DeKalb County Police Officer's home goes up in flames causing his family of six to lose everything in mere moments. Officer Marty Williams and his family have had to live in a hotel for two weeks since that devastating fire. But the community is stepping up to help an officer who's served their community for almost a decade.

Officer Williams was at work when his Henry County home went up in flames. He rushed home after his oldest daughter called to tell him the news. He said he is blessing no one was hurt.

Officer Williams and Amber Singleton have six beautiful children in their blended family. Their oldest girls manage to keep beautiful smiles on their faces despite the challenges they've been through sense a fire destroyed their Henry County home on March 1.

Since the fire, the family has been staying together in two hotel room. Everything they owned was lost in the fire and they have been struggling to pull together the basic necessities.

Donations are being accepted Friday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the South DeKalb Police Precinct on Candler Road. They will be collecting clothes, shoes, and other necessities for the following:


3 years old -- 3T -- Shoe size 8

4 years old -- 4T -- Shoe size 10

7 years old -- 5-6 Y -- Shoe size 1

9 years old -- 10/12 Y -- Shoe size 4

11 years old -- 14 Y -- Shoe size 5


4 years old -- 4T -- Shoe size 9

Officer William said his children could use a few toys and books as well.