Donald Trump Rally in Macon

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Cheering Donald Trump fans filled the Macon Centreplex Monday evening. The Republican presidential candidate slammed his opponents and talked about how he has spent less money than any of them, yet he's leading in the polls. “We're winning in every category, every poll, and we're really beating Hillary,” Trump said.

Trump also took jabs at President Obama, saying the way he is handling situations overseas is “stupid”. Trump said when he becomes president, America will be tougher because the country will have a better military. “We're going to have a military bigger and so strong we won't have to use it,” Trump said.

Trump also said the country needs a better healthcare plan. “We need to take care of us, we need real healthcare, Obamacare is a disaster,” Trump said.

The candidate said there are a lot of problems that he will inherit and be forced to fix as President.

People lined up for hours to see Trump. Martha Jo Murray said she likes his style. “I like that he tells the truth. I've been politically correct all my life and it hasn't paid off,” Murray said.

Trump is known for saying what he thinks, without worrying what others will say, and it's attracted some unlikely supporters, like Tracy Lu from New York. “I got faith in him, I've been a registered Democrat all my life, I'm 75 years old and he made me switch,” Lu said.

Kim Bratton was first in line to see Trump. She arrived almost seven hours before Trump was scheduled to speak. “He has given me hope about the future, about what America can be like. I'm a mother of four and I now have hope,” Bratton said.

The rally was relatively calm. There were no hecklers and only about a dozen protesters stood outside the event.