2 dogs recovered after allegedly being stolen by masked men in Castleberry Hill

Both dogs have reportedly been recovered after they were allegedly stolen from a dog-sitter by masked men in Castleberry Hill, according to a Facebook post. At this time, it is unknown how the second dog was found. 


A man has been reunited with one of two dogs he says were stolen from his dog-sitter, who was nearly shot, in the Castleberry Hill area in southwest Atlanta on Sunday.

Matt Livingston found his dog, Stogie, near Fairburn Road, not far from Interstate 285, six miles from where he says three masked men opened fire on his friend, Joshua Cavanaugh.

Livingston was out of town for the Thanksgiving holiday, so Cavanaugh was caring for Stogie and Scotch. They were out for a stroll when he was held up.

Video taken by the dog-sitter shows a frantic chase as Cavanaugh attempted to retrieve the dogs. And then gunshots.

"I was shot at. I could’ve been shot," Cavanaugh said.

The men jumped into a Jeep Wrangler.

On Tuesday evening, someone found Stogie and was able to get him home safely.

"He seems very shaken up and he’s very tired. He was really excited to see us," Livingston said. "I’m 50% better. I’ve got one of my kids home."

Scotch is still missing. The leashes and collars were found in Collier Park area of Atlanta. 

The man who drove the getaway car was arrested, according to the police. He claimed he was carjacked, but he was arrested on an unrelated warrant. 

The search for all those responsible continues, as does the search for Scotch.