Dog struggling months after being paralyzed by BB gun

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A dog is learning how to live after someone shot him with a BB gun.

The one-year-old Chihuahua mix was paralyzed and fighting infection after infection, but one Atlanta area rescue wouldn’t give up and is now trying to raise funds to help the pup.

Ryker has been paralyzed for about two months after someone shot him with a BB gun

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“I don't know if they realize they have affected his life and whoever adopts him for the rest of their lives,” said Carolyn O'Brien, Founder, Two Tailz Rescue.

To get around, his body must be harnessed into a doggy wheelchair and his legs are propped up off the ground. It’s an everyday reality for Ryker.

“This condition for him is permanent, and he is a young, young dog. His needs will never end,” said O'Brien.

The Chihuahua mix's hind legs no longer work.

“He is paralyzed because Ryker has been shot with a very large BB,” said O'Brien.

According to O'Brien, the community has been essential in Ryker's road to recovery, donating items like diapers and shoes.

“We can always use more diapers. We have gotten all kinds of shoes for him. Look at these cool ones even light up,” said O'Brien.

O'Brien said Ryker is in desperate need again, this time for a new wheelchair and leg braces.

“The current wheelchair that he has topples over so easily that he is not in it a lot, so therefore he does drag himself,” said O'Brien.

Dragging himself across the ground, O'Brien said, leads to infections, which Ryker has already dealt with numerous times.

“Over the last few months, he's had three different infections. And it's been tough, because it's like once we get one under control with his feet, then his knees get one,” said O'Brien.

O'Brien hopes the community can step up once again to help out the little pup.

“He's the most joyful dog regardless of his circumstances,” said O'Brien.

Anyone who would like to help with Ryker’s care can do so by going to