Dog nabbed by thieves when they break into Buckhead apartment

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Crooks broke into a Buckhead apartment and stole lots of electronics, but what's worse, the family says the thieves nabbed their little dog too.  

The family is devastated and desperate to get their dog back. Scout is a Yorkie, he's 13 years old and weighs less than 5 pounds. 

Taylor and Makenzie Perry came home Thursday to their apartment on Colonial Homes Drive and were shocked to see their door had been kicked in.

"I just started panicking and he said we were broken into and the first thing I thought of was our dog," said Makenzie Perry.

When the couple goes to work, Scout stays in the bathroom.  His bed, food, and toys are all in there, and there's a gate across the doorway. 

"When we got home the gate was still up, they took his food and bowl," said Makenzie.

The rest of the apartment had been ransacked.  

"They flipped the mattress, they pulled everything out of the drawers and closets, the nightstands were torn apart," said Taylor Perry.

Laptops, cameras and game systems were gone.  But what the family wants most is their dog back. 

"I just want my dog, all the stuff is replaceable, I don't care, but I can't replace my dog. I just want him home and safe," said Makenzie.

The Perry's say the apartment management is going through surveillance videos, checking to see if they see anyone carrying computers and the little dog. 

The family has put Scout's picture on numerous Facebook pages.  They're also offering a reward for the safe return of their dog, no questions asked.  

If you know of Scout's whereabouts, he is chipped.  He can be taken to any veterinarian or shelter.  He will be scanned and reconnected with his owners.