Dog family reunited after viral social media post

A family of adopted dogs met for a reunion Saturday at Texas Humane Heroes after a Facebook post to reunite the pups went viral last month.

The owners of Frito, a mixed breed pup, posted on Facebook hoping to find the dog’s siblings for a reunion.

That post was shared hundreds of times and although they may have only had a dog's chance, the mission was mostly a success.

Five of Frito’s siblings and his mom all met in Leander Saturday afternoon.

It's been about two years since seven beautiful puppies were adopted from Texas Humane Heroes.

In January Frito’s owner hoped to reunite the entire dog family with a little help from social media.

“I think I posted on the Texas Humane Heroes Facebook page and asked Christine if we could just get them all together and she had the idea to do the post and see how many of them we could find,” said Frito’s owner Corie Gemmiti. 

“It got shared, I think just from Corie's post alone, a couple hundred times and then once you picked it up and other outlets picked it up, it just went crazy from there,” Texas Humane Heroes Marketing Manager Christine Rankin said. 

“They emailed me because I didn't know about it and then my daughter went online and found all the information out, all the websites and everything that it had been carried on, and it was really exciting. I thought it was fun,” said Margaret Sherry who owns Frito’s mother Patty.

After working like a dog to get the pups together- six of the seven puppies, their mom and owners met at the Texas Humane Heroes campus in Leander.

They may not look like they all came from one litter, but even though they all have different color coats, they have similar personality traits.

“He's very spunky, he has a crazy little personality,” said Gemmiti. 

Although, it didn't seem like the dogs realized they shared more than the day together.

“I was hoping he would, but seeing them all together, I don't really think that they can tell,” Gemmiti said.

Since they had so much success with Frito’s reunion, Texas Humane Heroes is hoping to host other dog family reunions in the future.

“This is something that we've tried in the past and it wasn't as successful, but this one was just so widely accepted and so exciting to see that everyone was excited and everyone wanted to help find Frito's family and it was so fun. It was just a really fun way to get a reunion going,” Rankin said.

If they can get other pet parents on board, this may be something the organization does a few times each year.

Texas Humane Heroes rescues dogs from kill shelters all over the state so they can help find the pups a new home.

Frito and his family hope to make their reunion a yearly thing so that eventually they will recognize each other.