Disturbing details in murder of 70-year-old woman

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Dekalb County Police tell FOX 5, 56-year-old Mark Ramos is charged with murder in the death of 70-year-old Helen Davis.

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According to the police report, officers found Davis on her kitchen floor wrapped in a rug with a plastic bag over her head and her legs taped together.

Police believe Ramos is responsible for Davis' murder.

"The DeKalb County Medical Examiner determined the cause of death was stabbing," DeKalb County Police Lieutenant Lonzy Roberston said.

Officers were called out to Davis' home Thursday for a welfare check after a family member told police she could not be reached.

"A family member asked us to do a welfare check after they couldn't reach Ms. Davis," Roberston told FOX 5.

For two days, officers did not have a suspect in custody for Davis' murder, but a major break in the case came Saturday when officers saw the victim's car going down the road.

"We did a traffic stop and that's when we arrested the suspect," Roberston said.

Authorities are still unsure what the relationship was between Ramos and Davis.

Police say as of now there is no motive in the case.

Ramos is currently in the DeKalb County jail.