Dispute over cover charge results in triple shooting at Midtown bar

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What started as a dispute over a cover charge ballooned into a triple shooting at Atlantis Mediterranean Bar and Grill Saturday morning.

"Seriously, for like $15, $20 you're going to shoot up a place?" said Marlee Lomain, a baffled customer, leaving the lounge Saturday afternoon.

The gunman remains on the loose, after shooting three men – killing one and injuring two others.

Authorities found 42-year-old John Price deceased at the scene.

An investigator told FOX 5 Price was born and raised in New York, spent several years in Nevada, and only recently moved to Atlanta. Employees remained tight-lipped about the early morning gunfire but  referred to Price as a "brother" and "good man."

Witnesses said the bar was chaotic and terrifying once the bullets went flying. They reported three separate bursts of gunfire. Each time, the crowd ducked for cover, then went running as soon as bullets stopped.

Despite the chaotic crime scene, business resumed Saturday afternoon; although, customers were shocked to learn of what transpired just hours earlier.