Director of 4-H Center at Camp Wasega in Lumpkin arrested

A prominent member of the Lumpkin County community is front and center of a police investigation.

Friday, the Lumpkin County Sheriff's Office said the longtime director of the 4-H Center at Camp Wasega, Paul Travis Williams, 48, was arrested on child pornography charges.

According to Lumpkin County Sheriff Stacy Jarrard, Williams used a computer on the camp's property to upload child pornography.

"The 4-H Center is an extension of UGA, so these computers are monitored," Sheriff Jarrard said. "When something is uploaded, UGA gets an alert. From my understanding, that's how this all came about."

Sheriff Jarrard said as soon as UGA notified the Lumpkin County Sheriff's Office, they issued a search warrant for Williams' home.

"There we found external hard drives which housed thousands of photos," Sheriff Jarrard said. "But of the ones we have reviewed so far, only one is child pornography."

Sheriff Jarrard said he fears there could be more.

"It's a possibility," Sheriff Jarrard said.

According to Sheriff Jarrard, Williams has been the 4-H director for nearly 20 years.

"He's well known in the community and actively involved in a few different groups here," Sheriff Jarrard said.

The sheriff’s office said they will continue to investigate.

"As we continue to go through the evidence, there may be additional charges, but this investigation could take months," Sheriff Jarrard said.

Williams is out on bond awaiting trial.