Dewey Green Learns Fate in Murder of Douglasville Grandmother

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A man convicted of murdering a grandmother by running her over on a Douglasville Road last year  will spend the rest of his life in prison.

Dewey Green has been sentenced to life without parole, plus 40 years. 

At Monday's sentencing, Green first apologized for his outburst in court on Friday, when he was found guilty by a Douglas County jury in the death of Janice Pitts. Green was visibly upset after the verdict was read and was forcibly removed from the courtroom. 

"I've been found guilty so there's no reason to lie," said Green. 

Green went on to say he's accused of something he has no memory of because he was knocked unconscious. 

"I had no idea I was involved in any car accident whatsoever until six hours later someone told me and then told me for the first time that I had been charged with murder," Green said. 

Green was found guilty for repeatedly hitting Pitts with his vehicle after a fender bender. 

"I wanted to speak to the Pitts family so bad for a year now and I never got the chance," he said. "Even though I have been maliciously prosecuted and suffered many injustices, it does not compare to the nightmare that the Pitts family has gone through. If I could change places with Janice Pitts, I would in a heartbeat."

Green then said he prays for the Pitts family every night. 

"I am so sorry for that has happened and I realize my apologies may seem petty in comparison to the anguish that you have towards me but I am not the person the police and media have portrayed me to be."

"That's justice for our family and this county," said family members of Pitts on Monday.

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